Save Your Time

Achieve the results of analysis immediately with the agile approach in the new generation business intelligence system. Examine your enterprise data with the wizards easily in the multidimensional way. Gain competitive advantages by taking the right decisions in time. Perform your decision making process through a multidimensional point of view by creating analysis domains easily by the help of the ETL wizard of the system.

Use together different data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySql with semi-structured data such as Excel. Visualize your integrated enterprise data the way you want.

You are so close to your analytical data by a click. It is easier to examine the special interactive dashboards and is faster to get the results. Control is in your hands with bilişimBI.
Visual Query Tool
Görsel Sorgu Aracı
Visual Query Tool is an ad-hoc query tool either installed as an integrated module within the BilişimBI system or as a standalone product, for analyzing the real time data of OLTP databases and Excel files visually and interactively. It is suitable for the enterprises that do not plan to use any data warehouse technology at this stage, to use it as a standalone system,. The users are not required to have a technical knowledge to use the tool effectively. The query building process is entirely performed by drag-and-drop actions. It is a common practice for SMEs to install different OLTP systems from different vendors in different departments with little or no integration between them. The most urgent consolidations are usually performed over Excel sheets. This is an error-prone process that requires a lot of manual labor, time and ingenuity from the end-user. Using the Visual Query Tool of Bilişim Business Intelligence system, customers can join their Excel files with the data of the their OLTP systems easily via a simple user interface designed to be used intuitively. They can visualize their data as a single enterprise database even this real time data has been dispersed across a number of computers in the company. By building comprehensive queries, users can increase the value of their enterprise data and provide the efficiency in existing information systems by evaluating the quality of the operational data.
ETL Wizard
ETL Sihirbazı
ETL Wizard is a tool that generates analysis domain/data marts automatically. With this tool of BilişimBI, Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading operations becomes an easy and monitored process. All the activities of building a multidimensional analysis domain can be accomplished in a very short time by a capable user who has a thorough understanding of the enterprise data and business domain.
Multi-Dimentional Analysis Tool
Çalışma Sayfaları
Multi-Dimentional Analysis Tool consists of interactive dashboards having data warehouse data analyzed in a multidimensional format with various graphic representations as table, summary table (pivot table), column chart, pie chart, donut chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart.